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black triangleImpact Composites producing Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic (CnFRT) parts supports a wide variety of industries, providing high performance composite solutions with unique characteristics that meet the cost performance objectives of our customer's applications.


Our design, tooling, and molding techniques in conjunction with our material partners are well suited for the demanding requirements of Aerospace applications.


The superior corrosion resistance, high temperature performance, and impact toughness make the components molded by Impact Composites ideally suited for the Oil and Gas industry.


The light weight and high impact toughness of our CnFRT composite parts make them perfectly matched for the demanding requirements for the Sporting Goods industry.


The rugged nature, lightweight characteristics, and higher performance of CnFRT make components produced by Impact Composites ideally matched for the extreme and dependable performance needed in many military applications.


Thermoplastic matrices that are used by Impact Composites are the new standard for applications requiring low flame, smoke, and toxicity with the additional benefit of superior impact tolerance. Our molding methods make use of materials that are pre-certified for multiple industries.