black triangleImpact Composites is a Composite Design and Production Company specializing in the development of composite parts constructed using Continuous Fiber Reinforcement and Thermoplastic matrix materials (CnFRT).



Continuous Fiber Reinforcement provides high levels of material performance when compared to chopped or long fiber reinforcement when component performance and cost are considered. Cost performance objectives most often can be met more effectively with the CnFRT approach.


black triangleHybridization of different fiber forms

Combinations of fiber types can be used to take advantage of material properties and to optimize part performance and meet cost objectives.


black triangleComponents or inserts molded into the parts

Inserts can be co-molded into the composite materials to create unique features such as metallic connections, and unique performance properties.


black triangleCo-processing

Impact Composites can co-process CnFRT molding with other processes such as traditional injection molding. This technique combines the best features from both processes.